Meet Dawn


Our Approach

With various networks and subsidies, It can be a hassle searching for the perfect insurance plan while keeping your budget in mind. The Grimard Insurance Group does that for you. We’ll help you research and compare health, life and disability insurance plans along with providing complementary health insurance quotes. 

We focus on educating our clients and getting them in the best plan that works for their unique needs. 


Dawn is a New England native, living in New Hampshire with her husband Bob. Along with insurance, Dawn works as a financial advisor in the Grimard Financial Group.

Dawn ’s fifteen years as a licensed agent and financial advisor, along with a background in small business management gives Dawn an understanding of the pitfalls and challenges of navigating the insurance on and off the marketplace.  Dawn generously shares her knowledge with clients, knowing that the more information you have, the better decisions you can make for yourself.  

Dawn also directs her passion into fine art paintings, come on into the office have a look! 


Our Clients Speak

"I love that Dawn took the time to meet with me, and really teach me about the different plans available. I felt confident with my choice in health insurance providers!"

          -- Margret Jones, Sanborn NH

"I want to thank you so much for your wonderful advice and keeping us in our health insurance. You guys go way above and beyond the call of duty. I so appreciate your efforts on mine and my son's behalf!"

          -- Carolyn Brothers, Nashua NH

"Not only did Dawn help with my health insurance needs, but Grimard Financial answered my retirement questions. With their help, I feel confident in my financial future." 

               --Stan Michaels, Litchfield NH